Aircraft Ground Equipment – Top Accessories for Your Aircraft Tug

So you’ve recently purchased an aircraft tug and are now in need of some accessories. If you’re new to the world of aircraft ground equipment, then you’re most likely going to want to know what kind of accessories are available to you so that can make your aircraft towing jobs as easy as possible.

Aircraft Tug Accessories

You’re going to be glad to hear that there are lots of aircraft tug accessories to pick and choose from. If you’re not sure which of the aircraft tug accessories you’re going to need, simply ask someone who has been using one for a while now so they can offer you some much-appreciated and helpful advice.

The following are some of the more popular aircraft tug accessories that can make your aircraft ground equipment responsibilities much easier to manage:

  • Snow Chains – Provides you with the traction you need when there’s snow on the ground.
  • J Hook Clean Knees Hook-Up – Allows you to quickly and securely attach the aircraft tug to the aircraft by placing these hooks around the struts.
  • Battery Maintainer Low Amp Float Type – This is a great buy when it comes to making sure your battery is always fully charged so the aircraft tug is always ready to go when you are.
  • King Air Load Hook – This is an adapter that creates a low hook-up point, which helps you to avoid the possibility for the aircraft tug to kick-up when it comes time to actually pull the aircraft.
  • Nosewheel Fairing Chock – This accessory provides a forward stop for aircraft with wheel fairings. You can adjust them to the size you need in order to prevent contact with the wheel fairings.
  • Hanger Ramp – Sold in a set of 3, these ramps can help make moving your aircraft over the lip and onto the hanger a much simpler process.
  • Long Control Kit – This is a kit that allows you to have more clearance, which is needed for long-nosed aircraft.
  • Weight Pack (Extra Traction for Light-Nose Aircraft) – Like the name says, this accessory provides the additional traction needed to pull a light-nose aircraft.

Bottom Line

There are lots of aircraft towing accessories to choose from, making it important for you to find out which ones are going to be the most beneficial when it comes to matching your particular needs. If you’re not sure what you need, simply ask for help from someone who is familiar with the various accessories so they can get you started off on the right track.