Aircraft Tugs That Are Built To Last

For many years Airtug® has been building quality aircraft tugs for use by general aviation, corporate aviation and FBO’s. Airtug offers a real alternative to the large expensive tractor type tugs. Obviously, either one cannot be used all of the time. However if you are moving an aircraft that weighs less than 16,000 lbs, there is a very good chance that the Airtug product line will offer you the necessary options when choosing your ground support equipment. Options that include horsepower, electric or gasoline motors and manual or electric start to name a few.

Our aircraft tugs also have a somewhat particularly unique option not found in all tugs in this power class. Once your airplane is loaded and ready to be moved, you will be able to raise the nose of the aircraft with the optional hydraulic lift resulting in the tail of the airplane being lowered making it easier and safer to get in and out of a minimum clearance hangar door opening. Customers have commented that this one feature saved them the hassle of relocating to another more expensive hangar and in some cases to another airport all together.

All of the Airtug aircraft tugs are built with a hydrostatic transmission giving the operator absolute command while moving the aircraft. This is especially useful for airplane owners using a community hangar and requiring maximum control of the tugs speed and maneuverability in close proximity to other aircraft. We advocate that it is always better to move an airplane slowly and have exceptional control than otherwise.

It usually comes down to preference when deciding between electric or gasoline to power the tugs motor. If you don’t want to be bothered with keeping gasoline at your hangar, the battery operated equipment might be the best choice. It’s important to note that if you are located geographically in cooler to cold climate, the battery performance is measurably diminished during those times and gasoline might be the better choice for the aircraft tugs engine.

Smaller FBO’s will find our equipment as an extremely attractive alternative to the expensive tractor type aircraft mover. One of the benefits is the fact that one person can manage the equipment easily all the way through the loading and unloading process. Our equipment can also be fitted with a gear specific bracket when either our strut strap or J hook is not appropriate for loading the airplane onto the equipment. The tugs are easy and inexpensive to maintain. By doing just the basics as far as maintenance goes e.g. oil and lubrication, your equipment will service your airplane moves for years to come.

The folks at Airtug will work hard to ensure they supply airplane owners with the best aircraft tugs to fit their budget as well as their airplane. Our ground support equipment is a walk behind configuration and rated for aircraft weighing up to 16,000 lbs.

Having the right equipment at your hangar can add to the great experience most of us have; every time we have the privilege of going to the airport.

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