Battery Selection for your Tug

Your new electric Airtug Tug is a 24 volt model and you will need two (2) 12 volt U-1 batteries (excluding EL3-S and EL3-H which are 105 AH (wet) or 100 AH (sealed AGM) batteries) connected in series (using the series-wire that shipped along with the AIRTUG).

Recommended Battery Selection Choice:

The U-1 battery has a square tab with a through hole on top with dimensions of 7.75” long x 5.125” wide x 6.125” tall, specific options are as follows:

  1. Sealed or Gel Type Battery:
    • Designation: U-1 – 12 Volt 30-35 Amp Hour Sealed Maintenance Free Rechargeable Battery.
    • This is a good battery for our electric motors as this batteries’ life should be longer than the Wet battery thus economically you may be better off. This type battery is meant to be drawn down and then recharged.  OR
  2. Wet Type Battery:
    • Designation – U-1 – 12 Volt Garden Tractor Battery BCI Group Number U-1.
    • This battery is adequate but may not last as long as the sealed battery noted above. This type battery is meant to always be at a full charge and is more often used for starting gas engine type applications. The cold cranking amp designation applies to starting a gas engine and is NOT applicable to added power in an electric engine.