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Securing A Hangar for Your Plane – A Brief Overview

Finding a hangar that meets the needs of your plane and you is not, necessarily an easy task since many factors come into play.  Here are some important insights to keep in mind when searching for a hangar that is as good fit for you, your lifestyle and your budget.   Choosing an Airport One […]

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Three of the Fastest Jets Ever Designed

Speed, at least when it comes to air-travel, is difficult to wrap one’s mind around since it’s impossible to truly comprehend (and feel) how fast one is moving, when miles above the Earth.  Speed, like anything else, is relative; but it can’t be argued that there are some aircraft that are unrivaled when it comes […]

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What to Know When It’s Time to Transport Your Boat

Are you wanting to transport your boat to a different location? It’s important to realize that shipping a boat is a bit different than shipping a car.  There are a few considerations that make boat-transporting unique, in its own right; and receiving bids from reliable boat transporters is vital.  Professional boat-transport companies provide drivers who […]

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Three of THE Most Comfortable Private Planes

There are private planes; and then, there are private planes.  Relishing the flight experience of an aircraft that costs multiple tens-of-millions of dollars translates into decadent comfort and the absolute ultimate in physical and psychological relaxation. The epitome of luxury air-travel is reserved for a select few who might as well have money trees that […]

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What is the Difference Between Airplanes and Aircraft?

Asking the difference between ‘airplanes’ and ‘aircraft’ is like asking, “What is the difference between apes and gorillas?” – All gorillas are apes; but not all apes are gorillas.  The same holds true for airplanes and aircraft – all airplanes are aircraft; but not all aircraft are airplanes.  But let’s break down the differences between […]

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Five Types of Car Trailers

There are a host of different types of car trailers; and different models offer different amenities and options that suit the needs of virtually anyone and everyone who must transport a car, or cars, from one location to another.   Perhaps you are in the market for a new car trailer; and perhaps you want to […]

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Neck-Pillows that Make Air Travel Much More Enjoyable

Under normal circumstances, falling asleep isn’t a challenge for most of us; but flying in a plane can present sleep problems for many air travelers.  Unless one has oodles of money to spend on First-Class comfort, trying to experience a prolonged snooze or falling into a good night’s sleep while being catapulted from one continent […]

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3 Ways to Save Money When Buying a Plane

Air transportation is one of the more expensive ways to travel. Aircrafts are more powerful and complex pieces of machinery than cars and buses and trains, therefore requiring a pricier path to maintain and operate. If you have frequent reason to need air transportation, you might even consider learning to fly an airplane and becoming […]

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Three Airlines that Offer Mind-Boggling First-Class Accommodations

Traveling First Class can, indeed, be an experience to remember, especially if you are fortunate enough to travel on three airlines in particular:  Singapore, Cathay Pacific, and Emirates.  These three airlines are the top three, global contenders for offering the most luxurious first-class travel suites known to mankind.  Posh interiors and plenty of pampering are […]

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Ways to Reduce Noise in the Cockpit

The level of noise that pilots must deal with in a private plane or business jet is not only a nuisance and an interference, it can (and does) result in hearing loss.  The FAA and US military have studied the effects of too much noise in the cockpit and the results are stunning:  permanent hearing […]

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