3 Accessories Every World Traveler Should Own

Taking a trip around the world is easier than ever these days   In fact, with all of the advancements in the sphere of modern-day travel, adventure seekers can fly just about anywhere on the globe today.  Most would agree that worldwide travel is fun, but there is nothing that can put a dent in your plans more than not having the proper necessities along.  Though many people have preferences regarding what to take during travel, there are a few accessories that are absolute necessary to get travelers through long stretches of waiting, noise, and unsafe situations.  Here are 3 accessories every world traveler should own.



  1. Quality Earplugs.

It goes without saying that during travel, you will be exposed to a whole host of noises that you might prefer to block out.  Whether you are on a long flight with a crying baby, or experience a person snoring in the hotel room next to yours, taking along a pack of high quality earplugs will save your ears and your sanity.  After all, there is nothing quite like not being able to sleep when dealing with the sheer exhaustion of travel.  Be sure to pack more than one pair in the event that you lose a set or need to share.  You will be glad you did!


  1. A Luggage Lock.

A luggage lock is a great accessory to invest in, especially if you are travelling to an area that is not very secure.  The truth is, if a thief really wants to take your luggage, they will do it and a lock likely won’t dissuade them.  However, putting a luggage lock on your bags will help prevent sticky fingers from stealing your things at an airport.  Another reason why these little locks are helpful is because they prevent people with ill intent from placing items IN your bag.  Luggage locks are a must-have for all world travelers.


  1. A Portable E-reader.

These technological reading tools come in many forms today, and in fact some people even choose to read e-books on their smartphones!  Whatever brand or type of e-reader you choose to invest in, you won’t soon regret it.  After all, the last thing most travelers want to be weighed down with is books or magazines.  The convenience of an e-reader lies in the fact that you can take hundreds of books with you wherever you go, but they are all in digital form and thereby incredibly compact.  With loads of reading material available at your fingertips, you will never be bored while waiting during your travels!


There are many other accessories world travelers might want to consider investing in before they set out on their long journeys.  However, the list above describes 3 of the most essential accessories you will surely want to take along with you on your travels.  Being able to block out noise, protecting your valuables, and having unlimited reading material are essential factors that will ensure your highest comfort while traveling.  You won’t regret investing in any of these 3 items before you take off!