3 Airplane Restaurants You Should Visit

You may have heard of many strange places to eat, but have you ever heard of an airplane restaurant?  Maybe you have, and maybe you haven’t, but the fact is, these unique restaurants exist in various places worldwide.  As a matter of fact, they are quite popular tourist destinations!  After all, it’s not everyday someone can eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner in a retired airplane that now has the primary function of serving as a restaurant.  Here are 3 airplane restaurants located throughout the globe that you should visit.


The Airplane Restaurant


Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, this airplane turned restaurant is a major tourist attraction in the area.  The Airplane Restaurant, otherwise known as Solo’s, is actually a Boeing KC-97 tanker built in 1953. It was ultimately turned into a hot spot for food in 2002.  Even though the plane originally held 275 seated passengers while in flight, when it comes to restaurant seating, it has now been designed to hold only 42 people for dining.  Throughout the plane, onlookers will gain more than just a good meal…they will acquire a thorough history in aviation.


El Avión


This bar and restaurant is located in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.  It is certainly a site to see, as it is a massive cargo plane within and surrounded by a restaurant!  This C-123 plane was designed to carry cargo to and fro and has two levels -an upper and lower deck.  The interesting thing regarding this plane, other than the fact that it is an airplane and a restaurant in one, is that it was involved in one of the larger scandals of our time known as the Iran-Contra Affair.  This particular plane was meant to fly cargo to help carry out the scandal, but the operation went haywire and the plane was ultimately abandoned at an airport.  In the year 2000, it was purchased and repurposed into a magnificent site to see and fantastic restaurant.




Many can say they’ve never been served McDonald’s in an airplane, but if you find yourself in Taupo, New Zealand you can easily achieve this goal!  Home to the McDonald’s airplane café, this vintage DC-3 aircraft and the neighboring building was originally owned by a local car company.  McDonald’s purchased the whole site in the 90s, and wanted to make good use of the plane.  It is now one of the highlights of the area, comfortably seating 20 visitors for a meal.


In closing, you can see that airplane restaurants are a worldwide attraction!  From the United States all the way to New Zealand, people are daily enjoying these novel spots for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  There are several other airplane restaurants located around the world.  Some are retired, but many are still in use and continue to be enjoyed.  So, the next time you find yourself in any of the locations mentioned above, be sure to take a pit stop at one of them!  You will be glad you did.