3 World Famous Air Pilots

Flying is one of the most common modes of travel today, making it easy to forget a world without it.  Most people go about their daily lives, seeing planes overhead without thinking a thing of it.  It is simply part of our normal everyday lives!  Even though this method of travel and exploration is common, it is good to reflect on the famous individuals that risked their lives and took chances to make the world of flight what it is today.  Here are 3 famous air pilots that have helped to make flying a common everyday reality.


Amelia Earhart


Born at close of the 19th century, one cannot consider famous pilots without mentioning this pioneer of flight.  Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean by herself.  She is recognized throughout history as a firm lover of aviation and as one who set many records.  She also wrote books about her flying adventures, and helped pioneer a club for female pilots.  Sadly, she disappeared in the 1930s, while flying over the Pacific Ocean.


Charles Lindbergh


This famous pilot is best known for his 3,600 mile flight from New York to Paris in a single-seat plane with one engine, known as the Spirit of St. Louis.  This transatlantic flight earned him overnight fame, as he beat the previously held record for a flight across the Atlantic.  The fantastic thing about Lindbergh’s famous flight is that he accomplished it alone and as a nonstop flight!  It is also fascinating to note that he started out as a simple U.S. Air Mail pilot, quickly climbing the ladder to fame because of this impressive accomplishment.  Lindbergh received a Medal of Honor for this flight, which is the greatest award someone can receive from the military.


The Wright Brothers


Though most commonly remembered for their invention of the first proper airplane to successfully take flight, they must also be revered for their status as some of the first successful pilots.  At the start of the 20th century, these two brothers-Orville and Wilbur Wright-piloted the first plane with fixed-wing powered controls in North Carolina.  They interesting thing is, in creating and successfully piloting this type of aircraft, they helped to solve the problems that were  so common in the world of flying during those days.  These two brothers processed  incredibly innovative tendencies, which in turn set the stage for their piloting successes.


As you can see from the list above, there are several individuals that we must give great credit to with respect to paving the road to successful piloting.  Listed above are some of the greats in the world of flight, and over time, others have built upon their successes and innovations.  There are many more famous pilots that deserve recognition and respect, and without which we would not be as well-equipped today in terms of using planes so easily.  So, take note the next time you see a plane fly overheard, and remember all those that labored before you to make this amazing innovation an everyday commonality.