5 Flying Myths

airplane passanger

When it comes to hitting the skies, there is no end to the amount of superstitions and myths that the public will unfortunately believe and try to make into truth.  It makes senses after all, since flying is in and of itself somewhat ethereal and hard to comprehend for the average traveler.  Often times, when things don’t to make perfect sense, the imaginations of folks can run wild.  Truth be told, flying has been the victim of wild imaginations trying to turn many myths into facts all too often.  Here are 5 flying myths you may (or may not) be familiar with.

The airplane will crash if passengers fail to turn off their cellular phones

Even though studies have shown the possibility of this event occurring to be rare if not impossible, the guidelines are still clearly laid out within the world of aviation.  Therefore, all passengers on board an aircraft must turn of off their mobile devices or otherwise set them to a mode that is airplane friendly.

Breathing in the recycled air on an airplane makes travelers sick

This myth is continually perpetuated, but the truth is, the air inside of an airplane cabin is really quite clean!  This is due to the fact that hospital-grade filters are used to clean the cabin air, and inside air is continually being replaced with pressurized outside air.  So go ahead, take a deep breath and just relax!

It is easier for passengers to get intoxicated while in the air

This is simply flat out false!  Studies do point to the fact that higher altitude can make passengers feel sleepy, but in terms of it making a person become intoxicated faster…well, that is untrue.

There is a chance that you will bump and open the safety door while in flight

Unless you have the powers of a superhero, this feat would be pretty much impossible.  This is because when the plane is flying at cruising altitude, it is actually pressurized.  What this ultimately means then is that you would need the powers of a superhero to pry the door open, let alone bump it open.  Don’t worry!

Luggage labeled as “fragile” will be treated as such

If only a simple label was all it would take to make baggage handlers treat your bags with the care you expect.  The truth is, the job of these individuals handling your luggage requires them to move fast and fill cargo spaces as efficiently as possible.  If there is worry over a precious item breaking in transit, you would better off shipping it versus checking it.


There are many other myths that could be added to this list, but the 5 mentioned above are some of the most common and easily believed myths currently circulating regarding flying.  So, the next time you hear someone mention the importance of turning off your cell phone in flight or that you may bump the safety door on your way to the restroom, you will know the whole truth behind these recycled myths.