5 of the Largest Airports in the World

Have you ever wondered what airports in the world would qualify as among the largest?   Some airports are so large, they cover hundreds of square miles!

If you’ve ever traveled through the Denver International Airport and thought it was gargantuan, you ‘ain’t seen nothin’ yet’!  Try the King Fahd International Airport on for size, located in Saudi Arabia. It covers a titanic 485 square miles compared to Denver’s 85 square miles!

The Middle East has many of the world’s most expansive airports in terms of square miles. These massive airports, though ‘super-sized’, continue to increase in size every year.

With almost 500 square miles of expanse, The King Fahd International Airport, at Damman in Saudi Arabia, is the world’s largest airport. In fact, it is actually larger than the adjacent country of Bharain.  Yet, as a contrast, this airport seems to also be among the most boring… at least that’s according to passengers who have had lay-overs there.

Let’s take a peek at a few other airports that qualify as among the largest in the world according to total area and usable space.


  1. Montreal-Mirable International Airport


About 24 miles from Montreal is the Montreal-Mirabel International Airport.  This huge airport encompasses a whopping 221 square miles! It used to hold the coveted First Place title for the world’s largest airport.  This facility was forced to relinquish that honor to the King Fahd International Airport in 1999.


  1. Denver International Airport


Compared to the Montreal-Mirable, the Denver International Airport is surprisingly small at only 85 square miles.

This airport can boast, however, of being:

  • The largest international airport in the United States
  • Deemed as “Best Airport in North America”
  • Also deemed as “America’s Best Run Airport”, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

The Denver International Airport accommodates about 50 million passengers each year in addition to over 635,000 flights.  The 6 separate runways are all in use, simultaneously!


  1. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport


This bustling transportation hub covers 44 square miles and has 7 runway systems.  It handles 57 million passengers, annually, and has 5 terminals with 152 gates.

The DFW International Airport is large enough to possess its own post office and its own zip code.

Additionally, this facility qualifies as the largest airport in Texas, the 2nd-largest airport in America and the 7th- largest in the world.


  1. Charles de Gaulle Paris


The Charles de Gaulle Paris is:

  • Situated 16 miles southeast of Paris
  • Covers 19 square miles, and
  • Is considered the 8th- largest airport in the world

Almost 61 million travelers traverse through the gates and corridors of this facility each year. This mega-hub handles over 514,000 flights, annually.


  1. San Francisco International Airport


As the 9th-largest airport in the world and covering 13 square miles with 4 runways, the San Francisco International Airport welcomes 403,000 flights per year in addition to over 41,035,000 passengers annually.  This airport overlooks the beautiful San Francisco Bay.

The San Francisco International Airport has been the recipient of numerous awards including:

  • The new control tower at SFO being honored in 2016 as “Top Engineering Project in America” by the American Council of Engineering Companies
  • Seven other awards were bestowed upon this meticulously-run facility in 2015 including “Best Airport in the Americas” by Frequent Business Traveler as well as “Best Airport Staff in North America” by SkyTrax

Whether huge airport or small airport, there is nothing quite as exhilarating as fastening your seat belt, accelerating and ascending off a runway to fly the friendly skies.

Thanks to all the dedicated, highly-trained professionals who run our airports in every corner of the globe, we must truly marvel at how in-sync every flight is, considering an average of over 102,460 commercial flights take off, continually, every day of every year, around the world!