5 Reasons Owning Your Own Plane is Better Than Flying Commercial

Not everyone has the desire to own and operate their own private jet but the truth is, flying commercially has become so tedious these days that more and more people are seeing the value in this endeavor.  With the rising security concerns, high prices, and long lines, folks are just sick and tired of relying upon commercial airplanes to get them from point A to point B.  In fact, many individuals are taking to the skies, experiencing the freedom of flight on their own terms, and absolutely loving it.  Often times, these folks will never look back to the commercial world for flying.  Can you blame them?  Here are 5 reasons why owning your own plane is better than flying commercial.

You Save Time.

Just think of it…you don’t have to wait in any lines and you are not expected to arrive hours in advance.  With your own private jet, you get to experience being respected when it comes to the value of your time.  Sadly, saving time is a luxury that commercial airports and airlines cannot afford to offer their clients.

You Experience Greater Comfort.

It goes without saying that flying commercially is tight and generally uncomfortable, even in a first-class seat.  When you fly your own private plane, you get to choose the food, the seats, and the noises that surround you and make you comfortable.  Your comforts are put first when you fly privately.

You Have More Control.

Did you realize that you control who gets to be your passengers on your own private plane?  Obviously, this is not the case with commercial jets.  Ultimately, when you fly your own jet, you are able to customize the flight to your unique and personal preferences.

Better Privacy.

Privacy is something you will not be lacking at all when you fly your own personal jet.  You and your passengers will be able to relax or conduct business in the comfort of your own private space, which is an ideal way to fly.  Owning your own plane grants all on board the space and privacy so valued and coveted (yet rarely offered) on commercial flights.

Private Jets Equal Convenience.

The bottom line of owning and flying your own plane versus flying commercially comes down to the sheer convenience of it all.  When you fly your own plane, you decide where and when to stop.  You will not be inconvenienced by the flippant commercial system that so often changes flights times and delays flight altogether.  You will love the ease you experience in owning your own private jet.


The reasons are seemingly endless as to why owning your own plane is better flying commercially.  The list above is in no way conclusive, but serves to show some of the top advantages you will experience when you choose a private flight.  The sheer freedom of owning an airplane is alluring, but the long list of benefits that accompanies ownership is enough to make potential buyers become owners in no time!