5 Types of Air Sports

Hot Air Ballon

For thrill seekers intent on scoping out the skies, there are several different kinds of air sports that will meet a variety of desires.  These days, there seems to be something for everyone regarding sports in the sky, and whether you are a person who wants to go wild or simply coast on the wings on the wind, there is a sport out there that is just right for you.  Here are 5 types of air sports.


  1. Ballooning

This popular activity involves the use of hot air balloons and wicker baskets to launch lovers of the sky up into the air in a slow and steady manner.  This is certainly one of the more tame air sports in existence today, but still comes with its own inherent dangers.  Individuals who engage in this activity often enjoy the quiet ride and the bird’s eye view of the world below.

  1. Hang Gliding

Using a metal wing covered in sailcloth, pilots leap off of a hill to sail through the air on their own special journey.  These pilots are attached to the wing through a harness, and use their own body weight to control the direction they would like to go.  This air sport requires more nerves than other air sports, such as ballooning, since the pilot must jump off a hill in order to reach the highly coveted skies.

  1. Parachuting

Likely the most thrilling of all air sports, this daring technique is also known as skydiving.  Gravity aids travelers down as they free fall from a high point in the sky.  Speed is controlled with the use of a parachute that is deployed during the traveler’s decent downward.  This very daring sport is something that adrenaline lovers live for.

  1. Paragliding

Somewhat similar to the sport of hang gliding, paragliding offers adventurers a way to fly through the sky with the help of a semi-unstructured wing or canopy made of fabric.  Pilots use the suspension lines that are attached to the fabric wing and to their harnesses in order to direct their travels.  This is a gentler method of sporting than parachuting, but still requires nerves of steel in order to leap off of a cliff or hill to gain height and speed.

  1. Aerobatics

This very intense air sport houses the traveler inside of an aircraft, however, that does not make it any safer or any less thrilling than the other sports mentioned above!  In fact, this is likely one of most risky and adventurous of all the air sports mentioned due to the abnormal speeds, heights, and maneuvers carried out by these pilots.


There are many other alternatives for thrill seekers to choose from with respect to air sports, but the list mentioned above is an excellent guide for those looking to engage in some of the most common air sports around today.  Whatever you choose, make sure you are truly ready, because with any of these sports you will need nerves of steel!