Afraid to Fly? Tips to Overcome Fear of Flying

If you are purchasing our aircraft tugs and flying in your own, private planes, you obviously don’t suffer from a fear of flying.

For the rest of you…

If you have an unreasonable fear of flying, you are not alone. About 1 in 6 of your fellow travelers is afraid to fly. A fear of flying phobia is not something to be ashamed of having. Humans were not born with wings, and flying is not natural for humans. Airplanes themselves are hardly enjoyable with cramped cabins, air pressure changes and strange noises.

Chances are you have to fly for one reason or another, so the best option is to learn how to overcome fear of flying.

Overcoming Fear of Flying: Where to Start

The first step is facing your fear. Admit it to yourself! You hate to fly. There are a few different methods you can use to acknowledge that you are scared to fly. You can write it down in a journal, say it to your reflection in the mirror or admit it to your friends. It is crucial to acknowledge the demon to overcome fear of flying.

Identify the Positive Reasons for Why You Fly

There must be some compelling reason for you to get on an airplane, or else you would never even step foot in a walkway. Take some time to write down why you fly. Is it to see loved ones? Is it for a job that you otherwise love? Put these reasons in places you will see often – a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, a regular event on your calendar, etc. Read it aloud daily so that you see, hear, and speak the positive reasons. The practice will fill your mind with positive thoughts, making getting over fear of flying a lot easier.

Prepare for Your Trip in Advance

Take some time to create a comprehensive packing list and plan for getting to your flight in advance of the day. As you plan, reflect on the positive reasons for your flight. If your mind wanders off into anxiety-land, bring it back by focusing on why you fly. Overcoming fear of flying is easier when you feel more in control of the situation, and planning ahead helps you feel in control. If you become anxious a few days before the trip, do this a week in advance so that packing and getting ready does not exacerbate stress levels.

Plan a Reward for Yourself before the Flight

Instead of trudging up to the terminal as if you are on a death march, plan a reward or distraction for yourself right before your flight. If you are afraid to fly, you need to fill your mind with something positive before boarding. Most airports offer day spas and they are a perfect place to reward yourself. A massage right before your flight can do wonders for your mindset and anxiety levels. It is a challenge to feel scared to fly when a masseuse is working out sore muscles. Other rewards would be to watch a favorite movie, listen to your favorite album, or phone a friend.

Focus on Being in the Moment

One of the best ways to overcome fear of flying is to focus on something other than yourself . Airports are an incredible place to people watch. Look around at your fellow travelers; the man dozing in his stylish business suit across the terminal, what do you think his story is? The young mother with the fussy baby, how do you think she feels about flying with a screaming child? Tune into the vibe and energy levels of people nearby, you will find there are plenty of other nervous travelers, and perhaps that will help you feel better about your own fear of flying phobia.

Bring Something Comforting in Your Carry-On

If your fear manifests in a physical manner, such as crying or shaking, pack something in your carry-on that offers physical comfort. Popular examples include a favorite blanket, stress ball or something tactile to squeeze.

If your anxiety is internal, bring something that soothes the mind. You might find comfort in a picture of your child or pet, a memento from a loved one, or prayer book. Before and during the flight, do not hesitate to use your comfort item. Overcoming fear of flying is easier when you have something to hold or look at when the fear creeps in.

You Can Do It!

Plane Taking OffIf you want to understand why you are scared to fly and completely overcome it, then consider doing your own neural pathway reprogramming, as taught in the book Code to Joy. For most travelers, the fear is unreasonable, and the cause is not clear. These methods will help you discover the root cause and put it behind you.

Getting over fear of flying is entirely possible. Think about other fears you have overcome in your life, and set your mind on becoming an anxiety-free traveler. Overcoming fear of flying is much easier once you acknowledge the fear and take steps to address it. Always remember that you are not alone, many travelers suffer from a fear of flying phobia. There are even more people who have overcome fear of flying and may be able to help you! Start talking to your fellow travelers, visit online forums, and reach out for support. Once you have overcome your fear, you will soon discover the joys of travel, and that is something you would not want to miss.