Alternative Airports of America

Flying these days can be quite the hassle. Between expensive tickets and cramming into an overcrowded plane, there are plenty of stresses that go along with traveling by air in America. That is why we have compiled a list of alternatives to ten of America’s busiest airports, in hopes of helping you find one that makes your next traveling experience as stress-free as possible.


Benefits of an Alternative Airport:

  • Cheaper Fares
  • Affordable Parking
  • Less Lines
  • Fewer Delays
  • Less Stress

Airports Near Atlanta, GA

Alternatives to Atlanta International Airport:

Airports near Boston, MA

Alternative to Logan International Airport:

Airports Near Chicago, IL

Alternative to O’Hare International Airport:

Airports Near Dallas, TX

Alternatives to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport:

Airports Near Los Angeles, CA


Alternatives to LAX:

Airports Near Miami, FL

Alternatives to Miami International Airport:

Airports Near NYC

Alternative to JFK, LaGuardia & Newark:

Airports Near San Francisco, CA

Alternatives to San Francisco International Airport:

Airports Near Seattle, WA & Vancouver, BC

Alternative to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport & Vancouver International Airport:

Airports Near Washington D.C.

Alternative to Dulles International Airport:

Survey Study

According to a survey conducted by leading research firm Harris Interactive…

  • 77% who have flown alternatively feel less stress than flying through a major airport.
  • 88% reported having a “happy experience” at an alternative airport.
  • 92% of U.S. adults who used alternative airports would do so again.

So when planning your next vacation, consider the benefits of an alternative airport before booking your flights.



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