Denver Airport Conspiracy: What’s Under the Denver Airport?

Denver International Airport is America’s largest airport, and in 2012 it came in at number 15 on the list of the world’s busiest airports. It also happens to be at the center of a fascinating conspiracy theory that is now circulating around the web. Apparently, there is evidence which suggests that there is something lurking beneath the massive structure. While some believe that the Illuminati or the Neo-Nazis have built a stronghold under the Denver airport, others subscribe to the theory that the New World Order or Reptoids are behind the DIA conspiracy.

So, the question remains: what’s under the Denver airport and is there proof that there is something far more sinister behind the murals and architecture of this popular travel hub?

Let’s take a closer look at the DIA conspiracy theories…

Evidence that May Point to Secret Underground Headquarters Beneath DIA

Here are a few of the most significant pieces of evidence referenced by many DIA conspiracy theory advocates:

  • Denver Airport Conspiracy Murals. The Denver airport murals contain a variety of symbols and graphics that are rather peculiar. For example, there is one mural which depicts images of a dystopian world (complete with a soldier dawning a gas mask who happens to be shooting down a dove of peace). This mural also features children buried in coffins, while above ground a solar fire fills the ravaged sky. Some theorists have even speculated that the murals might contain alien language, left behind to instruct and inform the inhabitants of earth.
  • Phallic statues. Apart from the DIA conspiracy murals, there are also ominous-looking gargoyles perched in the airport terminal itself, peering down upon travelers. Visitors to the airport will find a variety of other phallic statues as well all throughout the terminals. Many have eluded to the fact that this may point to devil worshiping.
  • The Giant Mustang Statue. A 32-foot-tall blue mustang with glowing eyes greets visitors of the airport. It is known as “El Mesteno” and is a giant depiction of a war horse. Oddly enough, the man who created it was actually killed when the statue fell on him while he was in his studio. Apparently, his death was tied to massive blood loss as a result of the accident. Some have tied the mustang statue to time travel theories, while others suggest that it may be tied to devil-worshiping cults.
    Image courtesy of Nowhere Mag.
  • Swastika-Shaped Layout. Those who believe in the Denver airport conspiracy theory state that an aerial view of the airport and its runways looks suspiciously like a Nazi swastika. This is primarily due to the fact that there are very large distances between each of the runways and a network of taxiways that, when viewed from above, do portray an odd shape.
  • Unnecessary Replacement of Already Existing Airport. Denver actually had an airport before DIA: Stapleton International. However, theorists claim that the new airport may have been built for the sole purpose of concealing a subterranean compound. They claim that, despite the fact that DIA was the subject of much debate and protest (and it was slated to have fewer runways than its predecessor) it was still opened in 1995. Why would they go to the trouble and expense of building a new airport in the first place, unless they wanted to hide a secret structure down below?

Who’s Behind the Subterranean DIA Compound?

There is much speculation as to who, exactly, is responsible for the structure beneath the Denver International Airport. Some have suggested that the DIA is home to the headquarters of the New World Order or the Illuminati, while others claim that the airport is harboring the subterranean stronghold of one of the world’s most secretive society, the Masons. There are even theorists who have stated that they believe there is an underground FEMA concentration camp or a hidden city that is merely part of a vast network of cities created by Reptoid aliens.

One of the most talked about theories as of late has been the idea that there is an underground structure being prepared for the end of the world. Evidently, the area beneath the airport will be a haven for the wealthy and powerful of the world when the Apocalypse arrives. Even Governor Jesse Ventura has spoken out publicly about this particular DIA conspiracy theory.

A top-secret underground bunker? Earthly headquarters for an alien race?

Now that you’ve heard the back story for the Denver international airport conspiracy theory, what do you think is beneath DIA?