Emotionally Soothing Air Travel Essentials


Air travel can be stressful enough for many people; but making sure one has items packed for wiling away the time and reducing anxiety is a proactive measure that allows being up to 40,000 feet in the air a lot less noticeable and a lot more tolerable.


Here are a handful of air-travel essentials you should carry with you anytime you fly.  Why?  Because when discomfort, boredom or anxiety might set in, you’ll say to yourself:  “I am so glad I remembered to bring these things with me!”


Reading Material


They say:  Read a book at night to help you relax.  Actually, reading can bring about a sense of calm during any time of day; and feeling that serenity by getting lost in a book or a magazine or two is a wonderful way to almost forget you are 7 miles up, traveling at almost 600 mph.  Becoming oblivious to the fact that your plane’s landing-time is 2 hours away can be achieved when your mind is in its ‘quiet place’.


Mobile Phone


Your phone is a wonder in its own right: a computer, clock, camera, text mechanism, video recorder, alarm, telecommunications system, and even an entertainment center.  You may not own a small tablet, but your phone will offer just as many gaming options as a hand-held tablet would.  Playing games while on-board offers an opportunity for soothing in-flight forgetfulness to set in if flying begins to take its toll on you.


Regardless of which game or games you might select, a plethora of free games are always available.  Once you settle down and begin to play, you will notice one thing, for sure: time will pass very quickly!  So get your game on and let time fly, while you fly!


Electronic Tablets


In this wonderfully-technological age, many airlines offer internet access for a small fee.  Some offer Wi-Fi across their entire fleet. Whether you own a Kindle, Verizon Ellipsis 10, an Apple iPad mini 4, or a Samsung Galaxy Tab E, these wonderful gadgets can be used during your flight and will allow you to take full advantage of your downtime to catch up on reading, continue with a research endeavor, access business files, compose off-line messages to be sent later, or just plain entertain yourself via games or videos.  It is, also, very handy to access and use that small tablet in your small, in-flight space as opposed to a much larger laptop.


Regulatory agencies in the US, Canada and Europe now permit passengers to use electronics during takeoff and landing – using your device the entire time you are on a plane is a true convenience!  Each airline’s rules can vary, however; and new regulations that offer freedom of use for smaller devices may not apply to larger devices during take-off and landing.


Mobile-Device Charger


Nothing is quite as frustrating as your electronic device being on the verge of blacking out due to minimized power.  This wouldn’t be a problem if you had some access to an electric outlet; but more often than not, passengers will not have the option of plugging in a laptop or phone on the plane.  This is where portable battery chargers make their grand entrance.  Small, powerful, battery chargers are lifesavers since they provide a power source when you are on the go with your smart-phone and/or tablet, as your companion.  This is especially important when one needs to make an important call once the plane lands.


A Favorite Wrap


Temperatures on planes can be quite unpredictable; and having access to a lightweight blanket or cardigan for those cooler occasions on-board is always a welcome relief.  There is something remedying about being wrapped up in something soft and soothing that feels comforting and familiar.  And who knows, your favorite wrap just might lull you into sleep-mode and allow you to feel as if one or two hours have been shaved off your flight-time.


Neck Pillow


To negate as much air-angst as possible, try making yourself as comfortable as possible.  In economy class, in particular, creating a comfortable resting position, however, can be a real challenge.  A neck pillow can reduce that battle and can make a small space feel a bit more merciful.  We are not designed to sleep in an upright position, of course, but a neck pillow will help to cradle your head and neck and allow you to enjoy (hopefully) some much-desired Z-Z’s.


Ear Buds


Whether you are listening to a sermon, your favorite music or enjoying the sound effects while playing an electronic game, ear buds are a wonderful carry-on gadget for three reasons:  1) they drown out any other sounds around you 2) other passengers are oblivious to the audio you are listening to and 3) they improve the quality of the sounds you are experiencing.


Interestingly, there are ear-buds on the market that actually create an air-tight seal between the ear-bud and the ear-canal.  This seal cuts off the inner ear from cabin-pressure fluctuations that can become problematic for many fliers.  The ear-bud design rests with an ingenious filter that regulates air-flow into the ear canal which prevents pressure intensity.  Additionally, these impressive ear-buds are designed so the wearer can control the pressure created for each ear – amazing!


Again, escaping from the reality of a flight is a goal for many passengers; and ear buds will help you to focus on whatever you are tuning into, allowing your psyche to relax and get into its ‘happy place’.