Five Top Aviation Schools


You may have a budding interest in aviation or you may have an insatiable passion for pursuing it.  Diverse areas of interest in aviation can include air-traffic control, aircraft maintenance, becoming a flight attendant, piloting and more.   If attending an aviation or flight school is on your bucket list, you’ll want to find one that will optimally serve your specific interests and maximally cater to your future goals.  Job positions in aviation offer exciting and challenging experiences with very respectable salaries.


Here are five well-known aviation/flight schools that are worth researching:


Hallmark College – Established 1969


Known for its dedication to offering top-notch programs that are very industry-related, Hallmark College provides very skilled instructors who focus on students’ attainment of the highest-levels of competency.  This prestigious college is certified by the FAA as an Aviation Maintenance Technician School; and being certified by the FAA indicates the standard of excellence in the aviation industry.  This school’s Institute of Aeronautics provides thought-provoking studies; and a 15-month program, here, prepares aviation enthusiasts to become professionals in the aviation field.


A Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance Management can be fulfilled in 14 months; and an Associate of Applied Science in Airframe & Powerplant can be finished in 15 months.


Wyotech Aviation Schools – Founded 1966


Wyotech Aviation Schools have multiple locations throughout the US.  Though a variety of educational fields are offered with this institution, one that is particularly noteworthy would be this school’s renowned aviation technology program.  The aviation technology program is FAA approved; and students can choose between aeronautical maintenance technology or aircraft mechanics.  Within these two realms, studies focus on electrical systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, fuel and propeller systems, airframe assembly, ignition systems and more.  The equipment that is utilized and the workshops that are offered, rival those that are deemed as first-rate in the aviation industry.


Upon completion of training at a Wyotech Aviation School, students are eligible to take the FAA oral, written and practical exams.  Once those assessments are passed, students receive their FAA certificate, which catapults their careers into the realm of the repair and maintenance of virtually any type of aircraft.


Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus – Founded 1965


Kansas State University’s branch, The Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus, is home of the University’s College of Technology and Aviation which offers an extraordinary, award-winning pilot-training program.  Additionally, students can pursue aviation careers that focus on airport management, aviation maintenance management, the flight and operation of unmanned aircraft systems, design and integration of unmanned aircraft and more.


Positioned next to the bustling Salina Regional Airport, the KSU Polytechnic Campus offers a 12,300-foot runway as well as a number of cross-wind and parallel runways.  Boasting of offering more Master-Certified Aviation instructors than any other college or university in America, this university inventories 35 aircraft that are used to train flight students for FAA certificates and ratings, covering the gamut from private pilot, to commercial/multi-engine to flight-instructor certification.


CAE Oxford Aviation Academy – Founded 1961


Thinking about studying aviation, overseas?  If so, you might be interested in the CAE Oxford Aviation Academy which possesses the largest flight-training network on Planet Earth.  How does 9 world-recognized flight schools, spanning 4 continents, sound?  The Academy Cadet Pilot Training Program provides courses that cater to dedicated individuals who desire to become pilots.  Programs in this area include CPL, ATPL, and MPL training which incorporate ground-school courses in addition to flight instruction which fully comply with National Aviation Authority’s rules and regulations.


But don’t think you must, necessarily, be overseas to reap the professional training one will garner from CAE Oxford Aviation Academy, since a flight-school is located in Phoenix, Arizona at the Phoenix Goodyear Airport.


Flight Safety Academy – Established 1966


The Flight Safety Academy is an extension of Flight Safety International; and students, here, focus on piloting commercial airlines and corporate aircraft of all types where first-officer and copilot positions are highlighted.  Not only that, but this prestigious institution delivers instruction for airlines, aviation corporations, the military and various government entities in various parts of the world.  The reputation for Flight Safety Academy speaks for itself when one realizes that over 17,000 of its graduates are pilots for 62 airlines and more than 100 corporate flight departments.


Florida’s Vero Beach Municipal Airport is home for the academy’s campus that affords more than 85 planes, including single and multi-engine aircraft.  One very cool component of the Vero Beach location for the Flight Safety Academy is the fact that it has its own FAA control tower!