Five Types of Car Trailers

Car - Mustang

There are a host of different types of car trailers; and different models offer different amenities and options that suit the needs of virtually anyone and everyone who must transport a car, or cars, from one location to another.   Perhaps you are in the market for a new car trailer; and perhaps you want to haul a single car or multiple cars.  Whatever the case may be, here are five types of car trailers that are extremely useful!


Single Car Trailers

Single car trailers are usually available from 7,000 to 12,000 GVWR’s with lengths that can range from about 17 feet to about 25 feet. Durable frames are often channel-frame-constructed with channel wrap around tongues, along with diamond plate flooring, beveled front corners, rubber-mount lighting, slide in loading ramps, radial tires and more.  Another popular option are two-car trailers that are often constructed with all-channel frames that include four main-frame runners arranged in a rigid frame design.


Goose-neck Car Trailers

Goose-neck car trailers come in a variety of designs that can include a channel frame where the floor is situated between the fenders, a floor that is flush with the top of the fenders, a trailer design with open steel runners, or a design that includes an entire floor.


The goose-neck design, itself, is made for demanding loads; and the goose-neck hitch can easily handle around 30,000 pounds of hauled weight.  Unlike regular hitches which extend from the back of the towing vehicle, goose-neck hitches are anchored through the bed of the pick-up truck.  Goose-neck car trailers have a reputation for extreme strength in addition to the specialized hitching arrangement they utilize which uses a hitch ball that is locked into place.  Goose-neck trailers can make tighter turns than more-typical trailers that connect off the rear of the towing vehicle.


Tilt Car Trailers

Tilt car trailers do what the name implies – the entire bed tilts to allow for a gradual loading angle that will accommodate the loading and hauling of low-ground-clearance sports cars.  When it comes to low-clearance vehicles, it can be a challenge to load them onto typical car trailers; and it is difficult to find ramps that are long enough.  Tilt car trailers provide the ideal solution where, depending on the model, a hydraulic damper will cushion the lowering of the bed.  Tilt car trailers are extremely user-friendly and make loading vehicles an absolute breeze!


Open Car Trailers

Open car trailers are just that, open; and they have no sidewalls of any kind.  This type of trailer will accommodate one or a number of vehicles.  Usually 18-20 feet long, the typical construction material is wood or aluminum.  Whether one owns a small auto-dealership and needs to transport a small number of cars, or whether one is a car buff who wants to transport a vehicle without investing too much money in a hauler, an open car trailer can prove to be extremely useful!  Since open car trailers are usually quite simple and basic, they are among the most affordable of car trailers, available.


Enclosed Car Trailers

Enclosed car trailers are usually about 20-feet in length and are more expensive than the open car variety since walls and roofing protect cars from any damaging elements.  Classic cars or other cars of unquestionable value are transported in enclosed car haulers where amenities can include insulated walls as well as heating, air conditioning, overhead cabinets with built-in lighting, rubberized flooring, and more!


Whatever your need, there is a car trailer available that will suit your car-transportation requirements!  And never forget:  patience, practice and defensive driving all add up to an optimally-safe towing experience!