Neck-Pillows that Make Air Travel Much More Enjoyable

Under normal circumstances, falling asleep isn’t a challenge for most of us; but flying in a plane can present sleep problems for many air travelers.  Unless one has oodles of money to spend on First-Class comfort, trying to experience a prolonged snooze or falling into a good night’s sleep while being catapulted from one continent to another can be challenging and exasperating.


One way to maximize some “Z-Z-Z” time is to make sure you have a neck pillow on hand – but not just any neck pillow.  Neck pillows that truly cater to one’s comfort – both physically and psychologically – are more than just semi-circular stuffed noodles;  they have evolved!  Check out these versions of very cool travel pillows; and have one on hand the next time you fly the ‘friendly skies’:


1. Travel Pillows with Hoods

Hooded travel pillows are the rage; they are designed to be very easily inflated and are covered with a soft, sweatshirt-type material.  The cool component of hooded pillows is the hood, itself, that can be pulled over one’s face to provide a delightful dose of privacy, additional warmth, and added comfort.  Once your sleep time is over, hooded pillows quickly deflate for easy storage.  Some designs of hooded pillows are made of Memory Foam covered with a comforting fleece material.  This design, too, provides neck support and the ultimate in ‘cocoonification’.


The hood utilizes two drawstrings that offer adjustable sizing for children and adults; and shutting out light as well as the rest of the world, during air travel, never felt so good!


2. Travel Pillows with Heat Packs

There is nothing quite as soothing as warmth, super-soothing warmth, like a towel just out of the dryer!  Travel neck-pillows that are constructed with built-in heat zones offer that type of calming and soothing feel.  Constructed of super-soft, velvety, plush material that houses compacted micro-beads, this type of neck-pillow will support and conform to anyone’s neck and head, with the bonus of easy-to-insert heat packs that will lull you to sleep.


The heat packs are air-activated which means they contain cellulose, iron, water, and activated carbon which produce and distribute heat when exposed to the air.  Heat packs in neck pillows can offer up 8 hours or 16 hours of beckoning warmth and relaxation depending on the brand and style.  The heat packs are safe, odorless and disposable after use.  Simply insert the heat packs into the neck-pillow’s openings and allow the heat to create feelings of restful relaxation!


3. Travel Pillows that Allow Forward Sleeping

Inspired by a portable massage chair, one very unique, inflatable travel pillow allows for sleep in a variety of ways, one of which includes placing the pillow on the pull-down tray and resting comfortably on the pillow’s elevated, cushy, concave top surface.


One brand – the Woollip – is designed with an uninterrupted opening on both sides of the pillow which allows one’s hands and forearms to rest comfortably, inside.  A passenger’s pull-down tray provides a stable platform for the Woollip; and the passenger’s shoulders can become completely relaxed while his or her face rests comfortably, allowing for a surprisingly restful sleep.  One’s head as well as one’s entire upper body are supported, helping to minimize or prevent back or neck pain.  Due the design of the Woollip pillow, one can find the perfect sleep position in, even, the most-cramped of spaces.


The Woollip pillow becomes quickly inflated within 30 seconds and deflates very quickly, as well, ready for easy storage inside its own little bag for compactness and convenience.  Additionally, the Woollip weighs in at only 9 ounces and is about the size of a soda can when compressed.


So, if you’re planning a flight anytime soon, check out the latest travel pillows that will give you the kind of comfort, relaxation, and sleep you will crave!