Private Planes of the Rich and Famous


Being rich and famous means a number of things, with one of them being the ability to possess one’s own private plane or jet – not just any ol’ run-of-the-mill plane or jet, but types that take the words ‘posh’ and ‘pampering’ to an entirely new level.


Most of us will have to be content with ‘Economy Class’ on a commercial jet; or, at the very most, be content with ‘First Class’.  But there are some individuals who have the opportunity to take the quality of flying to heights most of us could only imagine – customized luxury interiors of privately-owned aircraft with posh seating, mood lighting, surround-sound stereo, the serving of gourmet meals in dedicated dining rooms, massage suites, master bedrooms, and more.  These are only a handful of amenities that make flights through the friendly skies qualify as experiences of a lifetime for those who can afford it.


With that being said, here are three incredible, private jets that offer every amenity one could possibly ask for.


The Gulfstream G650


If you want to know more about one of the world’s most prestigious types of private jets, check out the Gulfstream G650.  This streamlined beauty comes in at $65million; and those in the know, claim it to be the best jet one’s money can buy.  When it comes to speed, how does a top speed of Mach .925 sound?  That translates into almost the speed of sound, and is much faster than commercial jets!  If your money-tree has sprouted ten’s of millions of dollars, this exquisite baby can be all yours.  If your money is limited, that’s not necessarily a bad thing since it takes ‘years’ (according to Business Insider) to get one delivered to you.  But why all the covetousness towards this aviation beauty?

  • This plane can fly faster and higher than any commercial jet.
  • It has large windows (16% bigger than those on the Gulfstream 550) that allow natural light to flood the cabin which is the tallest, longest and widest cabin in its class.
  • This craft can climb to 44,000 feet in only 22 minutes – with maximum takeoff weight.
  • This plane has a range of more than 8,000 miles.
  • Embedded technology includes Synthetic Vision-Primary Flight Display which incorporates terrain data to create a digital composite of the plane’s surroundings – excellent tool for pilots during low visibility.
  • The plane has plenty of room for a crew of four and eight pampered passengers.


The Boeing 767


The Boeing 767 aircraft is, yet, another dream machine that is reserved for the very rich.  Coming in at $118 million, this craft is the current choice of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich who is the 9th-richest man in all of Russia.  The unique wing-span of this twin turbo-fanned engine boy-toy is designed to reduce aerodynamic drag; and the craft can fly up to 6,385 nautical miles at 43,000 feet.


Originally commissioned for Hawaii Airline, Abramovich had everything, in his not-so-plain plane, totally customized including a 30-seat dining room.  But if the plane is full, VIPs would have to wait to use the expansive dining room since this spacious beauty can accommodate up to 409 people.

A few extra facts concerning Abramovich’s Boeing 767 include the following:

  • The plane is equipped with a missile detection system and other defensive counter-measures.
  • The air-missile-avoidance system is the same type embedded in Air Force One.
  • The interior is lavishly embellished with chestnut wood and real gold.
  • A boardroom, master bedrooms, luxury bathrooms w/showers and spacious living room are all included.


The Airbus A380


The Airbus A380 is, indeed, the most expensive private aircraft one can own – how does more than $300 million sound?  Even though this plane is the most expensive for one to buy, it is not the largest plane in the world; but who cares when this plane is considered one of the most coveted in the world!  It has a wide body, two decks and four engines, with each engine being the same length as a Mercedes C-series automobile.  The upper deck extends along the entire length of the fuselage; and the cabin, alone, within this giant private craft covers a vast 5,145.149 square feet!


If your pocket book is deep, you’ll be interested in some of the details that make this type of plane favored and owned by a billionaire from Saudi Arabia, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.  Some stunning details of this mega-craft include the following:

  • The plane’s height is slightly more than 79 feet, the wing span is more than 262 feet, and the plane’s length is 239 feet.  That length is equal to 2 blue whales positioned, one behind the other.
  • The wings are 54% larger than the wings of a Boeing 747.
  • Only 20 runways in the world can accommodate this plane, both physically and technologically.
  • The maximum cruising speed is 640 miles/hour at 43,000 feet.
  • The plane’s capacity can accommodate 21 flight attendants who work out of 5 galleries.


After it’s all said and done, there is only one word left to say about any of these breath-taking, privately-owned aircraft:  “Wow!”