Three Airlines that Offer Mind-Boggling First-Class Accommodations

Airplane next to skyscraper

Traveling First Class can, indeed, be an experience to remember, especially if you are fortunate enough to travel on three airlines in particular:  Singapore, Cathay Pacific, and Emirates.  These three airlines are the top three, global contenders for offering the most luxurious first-class travel suites known to mankind.  Posh interiors and plenty of pampering are what passengers should expect – passengers with plenty of money and ‘lots more where that came from!”


Let’s delve a bit deeper into Singapore, Cathay Pacific and Emirates airlines to see what all the fuss is all about when it comes to first-class indulgences while flying the friendly skies.


1. Singapore Suites

On select Singapore aircraft offer absolute privacy where one can lounge, play or sleep on a spacious, mattress bed that measures almost three feet in width and is 82 inches in length – this, within an enclosed private cabin with sliding doors that envelop one in decadence and opulence – not to mention leather and wood accents that add to the luxurious ambiance.  To top it off, Givenchy blankets, pillows, slippers and PJ’s are, all, available for a truly pampering experience.  For travelers who pick a middle suite, it can be merged with the adjacent suite to form a spacious, double bed!  When it’s time to retire for the evening, attendees provide turn-down service, so your beckoning bed is ready without you having to lift a single finger.  If one wishes to view a movie on one’s own flat-screen TV, wallowing in the buttery-softness of a leather armchair that is 35 inches wide – completely hand-stiched by master craftsman, Poltrona Frau –  is an added bonus.  Oh, and a pair of Bose headphones are ‘free of charge’ to make one’s auditory experience richer and more dynamic.  For those who wish to keep abreast of world news, Singapore will offer its guests an array of newspapers such as the International New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Business Times, and others.


Desire a cocktail, champagne, coffee or hot tea? – not a problem!  And tea-lovers would be pleased to know that the Paris-Singapore Tea blend is not only among the highest quality of tea in the world, but the teabags, themselves, are hand-sewn cotton!  It would be remiss to not mention the 5-course meals served on Singapore which are preceded by multiple appetizers; and a given appetizer could include Caviar with Lobster-Fennel Salad.  And, oh yes, dessert is included, too.  Acclaimed chefs offer their cuisine creations from all corners of the globe; and meals are served on bone-china, by Wedgwood.


The price tag isn’t a small one; and a typical round-trip flight using Singapore airlines will dwindle one’s bank account by about $18,000 or a bit more for a round-trip ticket from Singapore to New York.  The Singapore Suites have earned the reputation for offering the most luxurious class of flying on a commercial airline; and, perhaps, this should be no surprise since the suites’ detailing on Singapore are the outcome of French luxury-yacht designer, Jean-Jacques Coste.


2. Cathay Pacific First-Class Suites

Cathay first-class suites offer semi-private pods that include a personal TV, your own pajamas, and an LCD touchscreen that is designed to control the lighting in your cozy nook.  When its time to catch some sleep, the main area of your pod converts into a comfortable bed.  Though Cathay Pacific does not offer fully-enclosed suites, their beds are ranked as among the most comfortable on any airline.


Cathay Pacific First-Class Suites offer some of the most-exclusive first-class cabins for passengers who can expect a pre-departure glass of Krug champagne along with a salmon tartare, followed by a hot hand-towel.  Each first-class passenger is, also, presented with soft, lightweight pajamas and an amenity kit that includes comfy slippers and soothing eye-shades.  Bose headphones are presented, too, in order to add that extra dimension to the audio experience of listening to music or watching one’s favorites movies.  Any desire is met, via, the push of a call button that will alert staff who will quickly accommodate, virtually, any reasonable request.


Dining consists of the attendee taking meal and drink orders, but passengers on Cathay Pacific are allowed to eat whenever the mood might beckon one. Prior to dining, a “Welcome Aboard” note is hand-signed by the cabin crew who notate that a passenger’s wish is their command!  A simple lunch could consist of a caviar-filled tin, pretzel and garlic bread, a bowl of wild-mushroom consomme, a fresh garden salad and a served-to-perfection sirloin which could be substituted for delectable, steamed sea bass.  Cuisines from other parts of the world are available as options, as well, such as pickled turnip and Hong Kong Style chicken curry.  And dinner wouldn’t be complete without a tasty cappuccino and orange sweet curd souffle with dulce de leche ice cream, for dessert!


3. Emirates First-Class Suites

Emirates first-class suites are sweet, indeed, when one considers part of your $9,000 one-way ticket from Dubai to NYC would include your own mini bar.  Not only that, but your personal bathroom, with luxurious shower enclave, is stocked with high-end toiletries and spa products.  Once your shower is complete, you will be served a cold, refreshing glass of fresh juice to excite your pallet.  But your revitalizing glass of juice is only the beginning.  Whenever you might be ready, an on-board lounge offers comfy seating, cocktails, snacks and a flight attendant who will craft any drink you can imagine, with only top-shelf alcohol, of course!  Names of spirits that would ring a bell would include Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Dom Perignon, and Bollinger La Grande Annee Vintage – in crystal glasses!  Not only that, but serving Hennessy Paradis Cognac is somewhat of a big deal since the retail price hovers at around $700 per bottle for this most distinguished liquor!


If dinner is ready to be served, be prepared to make a few choices since you may have to decide between lamb shank, rib-eye steak cooked to your liking, or succulent lobster with lemon and drawn butter.  Additionally, six side-options would be available; and choosing which of the four sauce selections might be the most delectable could be a challenging decision to make.  Also, cocktails and champagnes await you – as much as you like!


Taking a soothing hot shower on Emirates is an experience, as well; and within one’s spacious bathroom one will find expensive spa toiletries and a soft robe.  Heated flooring is a delightful amenity to step onto, once one’s shower is done.  And unwinding after a shower means one can surf the web on a smart device thanks to Emirates’ satellite-based WiFi systems – then, it’s time to settle down with your own flat-screen TV and favorite movie or program.


Emirates is an airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and is entirely owned by the government of Dubai’s Investment Corporation of Dubai.  This airline will spare no amenity in order to satisfy its very distinctive clientele that could include princes, kings, presidents and millionaires and billionaires from around the world.  Since Emirates is an airline of the Middle East, the interior design incorporates  undeniable Arabic décor that proudly displays rich gold-plating and lots of extravagant bling!


If you might be traveling on a long-haul night-flight with Emirates, comfort is at the top of the list since travelers can wallow in sheer relaxation thanks to the oversized seat that turns into a full, flat bed with a 180-degree recline – all at the touch of a button!


Singapore, Cathay Pacific and Emirates offer the world’s finest first-class travel; and if you have anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 to make a round-trip flight from Point A to Point B, you will relish every extravagant detail and think, little, about the multi-thousands you are spending to experience a bit of Heaven, at 35,000 feet!