Three of THE Most Comfortable Private Planes

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There are private planes; and then, there are private planes.  Relishing the flight experience of an aircraft that costs multiple tens-of-millions of dollars translates into decadent comfort and the absolute ultimate in physical and psychological relaxation.

The epitome of luxury air-travel is reserved for a select few who might as well have money trees that sprout thousand-dollar bills, non-stop.  In fact, airliners are being converted into private flying palaces; and Airbus and Boeing are more than happy to meet that type of ‘VIP-version’ demand from millionaires and billionaires, around the world.

When it comes to being unimaginably indulged, here are three of THE most comfortable and luxurious private planes man has ever created, for those with money to burn:


The Personalized Boeing 747-8 VIP

The owner of the Boeing 747-8 VIP wishes to remain anonymous; but we can, still, get a glimpse of a few of the exquisite details of this behemoth beauty.  To begin with, the ‘living space’ spans 4,786 square feet; and the plane offers a regal stateroom, luxurious lounges (plural), an office, and a huge dining room. The Boeing 747-8 VIP is the longest and 2nd-largest airliner ever built – ever – and can catapult through the friendly skies, nonstop, for 8,000 nautical miles.

Interior design is completely customized; and buttery-soft leather lounge chairs and couches are thoughtfully placed, throughout.  Arched doorways welcome guests into rooms with recessed mood-lighting, surround sound, dense carpeting, built-in display cabinets, and huge wall-mounted big-screen TV’s.  If taking a nap between New York and Hawaii is on the agenda, an opulent master-suite with a king-size bed will meet your need for ‘ZZ’s’ better than any of the world’s top-rated hotels.  Oh, if you are in the mood for a drink or two, just belly up to the Mahogany and polished-brass bar where you’ll be served any drink your heart desires, followed by a lobster and steak dinner as you sit with friends in the lounge to discuss everything from politics to the weather.  Boeing business jets are definitely worth taking a look at.


The Personalized Gulfstream G550

Customized Gulfstream G550 planes reflect the absolute epitome of class and sass.  The Gulfstream G-Series jets are hot; and the Gulfstream G550 could be considered the Chariot of the Gods!  This flying fantasy has a range of almost 7,800 miles and reaches a maximum altitude of 51,000 feet.  When it bolts down the runway, the acceleration makes one feel as if the aircraft is pretending to be a hot-rod racing down a drag strip.

During your flight aboard a Gulfstream G550, you can’t help but notice the absence of noise – aside from the conversations of the delighted passengers who may be seated in the main cabin, perhaps.  The main cabin is separated from the crew area by a bulkhead and a wood-veneer sliding door.  Seating for passengers is exquisitely comfortable, adorned with supple leather which was meticulously inspected, prior to installation, for any flaws or blemishes, even tiny ones.  Only flawless leather is allowed on-board a personalized Gulfstream G550!

Every seat possesses its own audio/video display; and an iPhone app can control some of audio/video settings as well as the window shades!  And when hunger strikes, be prepared to have a meal tailored to your liking since the galleys are customized to fit the needs of each and every passenger!  The spacious cabin can accommodate up to 19 passengers or accommodate 8, for comfortable sleeping.  Rich and famous have ordered personalized Gulfstream G550’s for, strictly, office space, bedroom space or night-club space – can you even imagine?


The Personalized Gulfstream G600

Those who own a Gulfstream G600 own an aircraft that is pushing the limits in private aviation in terms of not only aerodynamics, but interior design.  Plane owners who wish to have their Gulfstream G600’s customized, will go through very methodical steps to personalize every square foot of their flying fortresses.  To put this in clearer perspective, Gulfstream showrooms are located in London, England//Savannah, Georgia//Long Beach, California and Dallas, Texas; and it is at these locations where owners of Gulfstream G600s select their amenities that will make up the very personal touches of each and every plane – fine china, luxurious carpeting, leather coverings for walls and furniture, veneers, lightweight tiling for galley areas, and even bed coverings are on display in showrooms to help plane owners develop a taste and feel of their upcoming finished project – a completely tailored personal jet!  Clients can, also, use an app called, ‘Design Book’, which allows for a 3-D projection of the plane’s varied interiors, based on customers’ individual selections.

One pampering amenity of the Gulfstream G600 is, most likely, not known by many.  It has to do with the plane’s ability to flow in fresh air every 90 seconds which allows passengers to feel significantly less lethargic and fatigued, following a flight.  And here is one more fact about Gulfstream G600 craftsmanship:  More than 1,700 scientists and engineers in Savannah, Georgia are passionate about perfecting details within this plane’s interior, such as which type of acoustics should be utilized to maximize sound absorption – amazing!

The fact that private jets and planes possess interior features that are more stunning and tech-advanced than most homes, is hard to wrap one’s mind around!