Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Own Small Aircraft

Surely, you have mulled over the idea of owning a small aircraft; every pilot has. If you need more reasons to tip you over the edge, we have five of them right here.

Warning! After reading this article, you might feel compelled to start shopping for an airplane.


1. Save Time on Travel

The world opens up when you have an airplane, because you can get everywhere much faster. Even a little turboprop will have you to your destination in a fraction of the time. Owning your own airplane means you get more time to enjoy life, because you spend less time getting there.

2. Freedom

Though any pilot can rent an airplane, it’s not exactly convenient unless you have a standing agreement. Even then, you cannot always have the plane you want when you want it, because it’s a rental. When you own the plane, you can decide to go for a flight anytime it suits you: take a last-minute vacation, be present for family gatherings, take the kids on an impromptu adventure and go where you want to go because you can.

3. The Total Experience

The world of aviation becomes more exciting when you have your own plane. You’re no longer a spectator; you’re a full participant. You become one with the plane by keeping it tuned and primed. Instead of merely taking to the skies, the experience becomes an adventure of your own making. You’ll experience the thrills and joys that come along with maintaining your own aircraft.

4. The View is Fantastic

If you fly commercial airlines, your view is limited and about the same every time. When you have your own small aircraft, you can fly over unique geological features, gorgeous hidden lakes and land in obscure destinations nearly inaccessible by car. Since you’ll probably be flying much lower than the average commercial jet, you’ll also get an intimate bird’s-eye view of this beautiful planet, plus the freedom to see and explore what you want.


5. Commercial Airlines? Buh-bye!

Once you have your own plane, you can skip the commercial airport—unless you’re landing there in your own plane. You’ll have no more cranky flight attendants, no more airline food, no more crowded concourses and no more baggage-check fees. Sure, you’ll have your own set of regulations to follow, but they are less burdensome when traveling on your own terms.
One benefit not mentioned above is the potential to write off a significant portion of the plane’s operating expenses on your taxes. If you regularly fly for business, then owning your own airplane can be a fulfilling decision, as well as a financially rewarding one.

For some people, owning an airplane is practical; for others, it’s about fulfilling a dream. Whatever your underlying motivations may be, you’ll enjoy many benefits and unique experiences.