Car Pusher Tugs

Car Pusher 3000 lbs Capacity

Price: from $2,995.00

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Car Pusher 6000 lbs Capacity – Gas

Price: from $3,676.00

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Car Pusher – Electric Car Pusher

Welcome to Airtug! You have reached our Car Pusher page and we are glad you’re here. Airtug has been the leading manufacture of tugs for 40 years. We offer the best quality electric car pushers you will find anywhere. Learn more about what makes our tugs so special below.

Why Buy an Airtug Car Pusher?

One of the main benefits you will receive when you purchase an Airtug Car Pusher is its ease of use. Other benefits include: quality, safety, guarantee, and options. Let’s take a closer look.


With 40 years of manufacturing experience we pride ourselves on delivering you a high quality product. The body of our car pusher is made of a heavy gauge, powder coated steel frame. Also, each unit is Mig welded. Plus, each unit includes:

  • Air Filled Bladders that prevent damage to your vehicle
  • Throttle grip control
  • 1 year warranty

Ease of Use

The car pusher attachment of this tug simply needs to be pressed against the bumper of your vehicle, no other hook-up is necessary. Steering is made easy with a powder coated, long handle. Just push throttle while someone steers the car or truck. A handy ball attachment is also included, so you can easily move trailers as well.


Our electric car pusher does all the heavy pushing, so injuries are eliminated. With a thrust of the throttle you receive the strength of up to four strong people. Choose between a tug with a 3000 lbs. and one with a 6000 lbs. capacity. The days of straining your back to move a car or truck are gone!


We stand behind the quality of our products. Aitug will offer you your money back if you are not completely satisfied with your product within the first 30 days or your purchase date.


Our standard products are great, but we also give you the opportunity to add some extra bells and whistles. Or product options include:

  • Parking Brake
  • Sealed Batteries
  • 24 Volt Battery Charger
  • Liftgate Delivery
  • Airport or private residence delivery

Shop Now

Now that you have seen why our Car Pushers are a great choice, order yours today!

Car Pusher 3000 Lbs. Capacity

Move any vehicle weighing up to 3000 pounds on flat ground.

  • Dimensions: 64” Long x 28” wide x 48” tall
  • Strength of 2-3 people
  • 1 year warranty

Car Pusher 6000 Lbs. Capacity

Move any vehicle weighing up to 6000 pounds on flat ground.

  • Dimensions: 64” Long x 28” wide x 48” tall
  • Strength of 3-4 people
  • 1 year warranty

Call Us

If you have any questions about our electric car pusher that was not covered here, give us a call. We are happy to provide the answers you are looking for. Our number is: 800-972-5563