Demand Excellence When Asking For An Aircraft Tow

Airplane Tug Pre-Purchase Checklist

Honestly, how many times have you asked the line crew at the airport for an aircraft tow? Many many times probably. Most times without a care in the world either. That is, until you are told that your aircraft has been damaged. And then it’s too late.

When you call the airport and ask for a tow from the hangar to the ramp or vice versa you are relying on the person in charge of that under rated task to manage the aircraft tow without incident. There are cases of airplanes that have been damaged during the repositioning process due to lack of training by the operator. By being a little more involved in the process when your aircraft is about to be moved, you stand to save yourself from the cost and heartache associated with this type of accident. It can be helpful to have a customer service representative from the company that manufactured your airplane offer suggestions for properly moving your airplane safely. Most of it is pretty obvious. It’s okay to show your concern to the line crew when requesting an aircraft tow. Knowing the person by name is helpful too. Treating the line crew respectfully can go a long way.

There are just a few things to remember to aid in a safe move for your aircraft when you are getting ready for a tow. Be on site whenever possible. Ask the line crew to be careful. Request that they move your airplane slowly. If you own a single engine airplane or even a light twin, ask the line crew to use a walk behind tug if the FBO has one. Another option is to consider purchasing your own tug and managing the aircraft tow yourself. Some FBO’s will let you keep your tug in the main hangar. They will tow the other airplanes out of the way allowing you to move your own aircraft without incident.

All aircraft tugs from many of the manufacturers will not fit all airplanes. At Airtug, we strive to confirm airplane compatibility to minimize the inconvenience to the customer in the event of an exchange. This will aid the customer in getting immediate use of the equipment when it arrives. Being able to tow your own airplane removes the worry of what could happen when you’re not looking while leaving this responsibility to someone else.

Airtug builds high quality aircraft ground support tugs to move your prized possession in and out of the hangar gently and, without the need of additional help. When you receive your new airplane tug, it is almost completely assembled and only requires a few basic tools to be operational. Your own personal aircraft tow is the perfect compliment to your hangar not to mention your airplane of course.

We will work hard to ensure we supply airplane owners with the best tug to fit their budget as well as their aircraft. Our ground support equipment is a walk behind configuration and rated for aircraft weighing up to 16,000 lbs.

Always remember to demand excellence when asking for an aircraft tow.

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