How To Choose The Right Aircraft Tug

Airplane Tug Pre-Purchase Checklist

With so many choices, it’s no wonder why aircraft owners have so much trouble settling on the aircraft tug that is just right for their needs. As one can imagine, not all tugs are created equally, nor will they work with every type of airplane.

Airtug LLC gives the aviation consumer numerous choices amongst their family of tugs that are widely known in the industry under the Airtug and Dragger brands respectively. Our airplane tugs can be seen pushing and pulling numerous types of aircraft in many places around the world.

Starting with the most economical option as well as for tailwheel aircraft under 1500 pounds, you will probably get by with our manually operated tug model known as the Tail Dragger Dragger® S-2. This provides the average individual with a much better and safer alternative to pushing and pulling on different parts of the airplane not intended for such force. Lets not forget that it’s also much easier. However, some individuals with even the lightest weight aircraft may desire a tug with a motor.

Choosing the right aircraft tug can make your experience at the hangar a happy one. Nothing worse than getting to the airport and not being able to get your airplane in or out of the hangar. For the budget conscious consumer, Airtug manufactures tugs known as Draggers starting at just $1595 for our gasoline powered version and $1695 for our electric powered version. For aircraft owners operating heavier equipment and that want the ability to move an aircraft like a pro but for thousands less – our Airtug brand of tugs are perfect.

Deciding on the right aircraft tug can be simple if you answer the following questions. How much do you want to spend? Are you moving more than one plane? How much does your plane weigh? Is it a nosewheel or tailwheel aircraft. Do you want an aircraft tug that keeps the nosewheel on the pavement or one that lifts it off the pavement? Do you like the idea of a battery powered aircraft tug or gasoline? These questions coupled with others specific to dimensional issues will help you make the right decision.

The process for purchasing an aircraft tug from Airtug LLC is simple. You can order online securely from either of our websites ( & or you can call us @ 216-941-9781. The easiest way to ensure you match the right tug with your airplane is to call or email us with information about your plane. We will quickly guide you through the process and offer options that will aid in your decision process.

Our high quality aircraft tugs will move your prized possession in and out of the hangar gently and without the need for additional help. When you receive your tug, it is almost completely assembled and only requires a few basic tools to get it operational. Your own personal aircraft tug is the perfect compliment to your hangar not to mention your aircraft of course.

Call Airtug today. We understand the importance of getting the right equipment when it comes to moving your plane. If our tug isn’t a match after you try it – we will make all the arrangements to have it picked up and we will credit your account immediately. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours or less.

We will work hard to ensure we supply you with the best aircraft tug to fit your budget as well as your aircraft.

Call Airtug today with your specifications @ 216-941-9781 or visit our websites for more information. &

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