I wanted to take a moment to express how delighted I am that I made my purchase of an air tug through AIRTUG! The quality of your equipment is unparalleled. The tug was very easy to assemble with minimum effort. And the tug is very easy to operate and maneuver. What I have found most impressive is your attention to customer service. Simply put, your service is nothing less than superior! Everyone I have come into contact is very knowledgeable, friendly and quick to respond. It just doesn’t get any better! And you fully back your products with a guarantee second to none. That’s confidence and now I know why.

Believe me, the word is out about AIRTUG at my home airport!

Thank you!


Jon T Johnstone, CEO

retail merchandising solutions, inc.

2301 Armstrong Street, ste 113 | Livermore, CA 94551

I wanted to inform Airtug about the handling of our Learjet 60.  The Airtug 10H did a perfect job moving the aircraft in and out of the hangar.  Your product is really great.

Marcello from Italy.


That electric air tug you built for me is the easiest to maneuver, whether you want to move forward or backward just a little or a lot. To turn the the tug is just a breeze. You should refer to this aircraft tug as the little old ladies air tug. My wife weighs just a 100 lbs and she can move the aircraft in the tightest spaces. Thank you for making this air tug for me.