What Is An Airplane Tow?

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Ground support equipment is not the most exciting subject to read about. However, if you are considering the purchase of an airplane tow, it is important to plan how you will move your aircraft in and out of the hangar. Ideally, the decision is made before your plane arrives. So, this article will offer a little information about moving your airplane on the ground.

Most airports have multi-tenant and or community hangars. Some airports will offer – through an FBO (fixed based operator) services to reposition your aircraft in and out of the community hangar. Some will even allow you to keep your personal ground support equipment on site to tow their own aircraft. However, most airplane owners (individual and small business) will prefer their very own private facility – configured as a tee hangar or a free standing hangar.

The airplane tow should be high on your wish list of fine appointments to your hangar. There are many reasons to consider having one as an alternative to physically pushing or pulling the plane by yourself or with the help of others. The most important reason is to prevent damage to the airplane let alone injuring one’s self. Inevitably, with or without help, you stand the risk of damage when you move your aircraft without a tow. Why, because you or the person helping may end up pushing and pulling at different points on the aircraft not intended for that type of force. The subsequent repairs can easily exceed the investment of an aircraft tug.

Airtug® manufacturers a full range of tugs covering most general aviation and light corporate aircraft up to 16,000 lbs. Consumers can choose between electric and gasoline motors. The tugs are configured to walk behind and are extremely maneuverable.

Airtug’s Dragger S-2 is a manually operated tow that is perfect for many light tail wheel aircraft. Our electric airplane tow is available in a range of sizes and will move an aircraft up to 16,000 lbs. Our gasoline powered tugs are available in a range of sizes as well and offer a nice alternative to the battery powered version when a power source is not available to maintain a full battery charge.

If your hangar is not climate controlled and or you’re located in the colder parts of the country, a gasoline tow may be the better choice as battery operated tugs tend to lose performance in extended cold environments.

An airplane tow from any manufacturer will not fit all aircraft. At Airtug, we strive to confirm aircraft compatibility to minimize the inconvenience to the customer in the event of an exchange. This will aid the customer in getting immediate use of the equipment when it arrives.

At Airtug, our high quality aircraft tugs are built to move your prized possession in and out of the hangar gently and without the need of additional help. When you receive your tow, it is almost completely assembled and only requires a few basic tools to get it operational. Your own personal airplane tow is the perfect compliment to your hangar not to mention your aircraft of course.

We will work hard to ensure we supply you with the best aircraft tug to fit your budget as well as your aircraft.

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