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Airplane tugs are necessary for a myriad of reasons none the least of which is the fact that most aircraft do not have reverse. Although, anyone that has travelled to the nations air show’s and have been lucky enough to witness the Blue Angels routine; will note that their C-130 support plane aka Fat Albert will usually astound the crowd after a very short landing to a full stop followed by backing up on the tarmac. You will find yourself wondering if you really just witnessed an aircraft in reverse? It stands to reason that a government plane would probably have this ability as well as many other options not readily available to the general public.

Ok, lets get serious. The other form of reverse that most of us have experienced is just after touchdown when the airline captain switches to reverse thrust necessary to slow the aircraft in addition to using wheel brakes to ultimately stop the aircraft.

Typically, most aircraft on the ground cannot move in reverse without the help of the numerous airplane tugs providing ground support to aircraft around the world. And, assuming you’re moving forward, it’s not cost effective to start the airplane engine just because you want to reposition the aircraft somewhere else on the airport grounds. So, tugs do the job much more effectively both from a cost standpoint as well as one of safety.

Even small aircraft need the help assuming the tugs are available. Many aircraft owners will purchase equipment necessary to move their aircraft on the tarmac. Airplane tugs are used to put the plane into the hangar and to bring it out of the hangar when preparing for a flight.

Whether you are operating a light plane or heavy, having the proper ground support equipment will make your life a lot easier. There is no question that the safest way to move an aircraft on the ground is with the right equipment. By doing so, the aircraft owner is spared the expense associated with accidents caused mostly by individuals pushing or pulling on the airplane from the wrong spot.

Airplane tugs from many of the manufacturers will not fit all aircraft. At Airtug, we strive to confirm aircraft compatibility to minimize the inconvenience to the customer in the event of an exchange. This will aid the customer in getting immediate use of the equipment when it arrives.

Airtug builds high quality aircraft ground support tugs to move your prized possession in and out of the hangar gently and without the need of additional help. When you receive your new ground support equipment, it is almost completely assembled and only requires a few basic tools to be operational. Your own personal airplane tow is the perfect compliment to your hangar not to mention your aircraft of course.

We will work hard to ensure we supply aircraft owners with the best airplane tugs to fit their budget as well as their aircraft. Our tugs are a walk behind configuration and rated for aircraft weighing up to 16,000 lbs.

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