The Aircraft Mover Is Your Best Friend At The Airport

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If you are going to store your airplane in a public hangar, you need to make friends with the aircraft mover. This is the person who is charged with the responsibility of moving your airplane. There are several legitimate reasons for this. If you gain a relationship with this person, it’s likely you will get better service when requesting to move your aircraft. That can mean waiting less time once you make your request as well as ensuring the mover takes additional care when repositioning your airplane.

The aircraft mover whether person or machine – is a much needed resource at the airport. Also known as the line crew, these individuals are responsible for getting your airplane in and out of the hangar or from the hangar to an adjacent maintenance facility and then back to the hangar. The line person or mover is really someone that you will depend on to relocate your aircraft on the airport grounds with a high level of care. Whenever possible, it’s advisable to be personally on site for this operation.

The other option when in need of an aircraft mover is to do it yourself with the help of the proper equipment. Airtug manufactures a broad line of walk behind airplane tugs designed to take the load off the individual. When you match the right tug with your airplane, you will be able to move it effortlessly in and out of the hangar. Airtug offers electric as well as gasoline motors with their nose wheel and tail wheel tugs. If you are going to be the primary mover of your aircraft, it makes a lot of sense to have the convenience of a tug. This is a nice option because you don’t have to rely on the line crew which is especially important if you return to your home airport late at night or after hours. No one will take more care moving your airplane than the airplane owner him/herself.

Airtug builds a very high quality aircraft mover to reposition your prized possession in and out of the hangar gently and without the need of additional help. The different gasoline engine models are offered with and without an electric start depending on size. All of our electric tugs are configured with a battery charger. When you receive your new aircraft tug, it is almost completely assembled and only requires a few basic tools to be operational. Your own personal aircraft mover is the perfect compliment to your hangar not to mention your airplane of course.

The folks at Airtug will work hard to ensure they supply airplane owners with the best mover to fit their budget as well as their airplane. Our ground support equipment is a walk behind configuration and rated for aircraft weighing up to 16,000 lbs.

Having the right equipment at your hangar can add to the great experience most of have every time we have the privilege of going to the airport.

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